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About Fundraising

Learn about the impact your fundraising has, and why it is so important.

Taking on the London Bridges Wellness Walk is an unforgettable way to see the iconic sights of London with your family and friends- while also making a difference. For your own health, and for everyone living with diabetes. Living with diabetes is tough. It can be frustrating and complicated. It can be lonely.

But together, we can make sure it doesn’t have to be.

could help someone identify life changing complications sooner.

could could train new professional helpline advisors to help answer every call.

could kick start investment into high-quality research projects shaping the future of diabetes care.

Your fundraising will keep our helpline counsellors answering the phone, getting people through the difficult days and supporting them to overcome the challenges diabetes brings. It will pay for our local support groups, changing lives one cup of tea at a time.

You’ll keep our campaigns fighting for better care and a healthier world. We’re working on new treatments to prevent these complications. Your support makes this research possible.

Thank you for walking with us.


If Diabetes UK can keep supporting newly diagnosed young people with type 1 and their families, so that they don’t have to have the same experiences that we did when we were younger, that’s amazing.
Joanne, Diabetes UK supporter
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Every donation counts

We couldn’t do what we do without you. Find out more about how your donations are supporting people living with and at risk of diabetes on our website.

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